Friday, October 24, 2008

Tentative IUI scheduled for this weekend

I went to see my RE yesterday for CD12 bloodwork and ultrasound. I had three 16mm follicles on my right ovary and one small 12mm follicle on my left. Dr. H said I wasn’t surging so I’m going back tomorrow, CD14 for a follow-up appointment and tentative IUI. Hopefully she detects a surge on Saturday because if she doesn’t, she wants me to trigger at home on Sunday. I know that’s not a big deal to a lot of people, but it’s really freaking me out. She didn’t mention anything about doing back to back IUIs this month, so I’m guessing we’re only going to do the one. Fingers crossed!

My little sister is coming to spend the weekend with us while my parents are away in Florida on vacation. I love when she spends time with me, but it’s getting harder as she’s growing up because she spends half of her time at my home on Myspace or talking to her boyfriend on the phone. I remember back in the day when she would come over and she’d want to watch movies with me all day…I miss it. She’s turning into such a beautiful young woman and I’m so proud!

Tomorrow night is game 3 of the World Series – Go Phils!!!


Tab said...

I'm praying you get your surge soon...and that it ends with a positve HPT!!!