Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First IUI

Justin and I woke up bright and early today for our first IUI. Justin produced his specimen at home, but we only had one hour to get it to downtown Philadelphia. Not an easy feat during rush hour traffic. I decided to drive because I am far more aggressive than he. Itwasthisclose, but we made it in time!

My RE was happy with the specimen: 50 million post-wash with good motility. Yea! My blood work confirmed that I'm having an LH surge and the ultrasound showed that my follicles are still hanging out. There are 2 on the right ovary: 16mm and 26mm. The left side has a 33mm follie! The IUI itself was very easy. I personally think a pap is far more uncomfortable. I go in for another IUI tomorrow morning, but Justin isn't able to make it to that one.

I don't want to be naive, I know that nothing is guaranteed to happen, but I really hope that this works out. I know that I haven't been trying for nearly as long as other women have, but the want is still there for me. I can't imagine my life without children and when I go to the RE's office and see women in there with infants, I know that some good has to come out of this whole process.


Hoping to make it three!! said...

Jennifer, Congrats on the first IUI! From what I've read that is a great number for washed sperm. I am hoping that this works for you guys! Just so you know my doctor told me that with an unexplained infertility diagnosis we are more likely to get pregnant with 3 cycles of IUI than others with known problems. Basically he said he thought that statistically speaking I should get pregnant in 3 months of IUI. I know its not a for sure thing, but still it's nice to hear! Keep me posted on your two week wait. I am on day 11 and normally don't "o" until day 17-18. If this month doesn't work I;m off to IUI like you!

Tab said...

Good luck, I hope this is it for you! Unexplained infertility can be so frustrating at times, but it's nice that our Dr.'s are pretty sure IUI's should work! I am moving on to my second IUI this month...good luck to you!